Wednesday, February 10, 2010

An old but new house

We just had the 3rd anniversary of being in our house and lately my wheels have been spinning on what my future home will look like. In my mind's eye, I'm picturing something old but new---something that looks 100 years old, but that is newly built. Nothing elaborate (we're both teachers here, people)....around 2000 square feet, hardwood floors, simple painted cabinets, white moulding, yum! I'm starting to really take a liking to cottage style homes. Here's a couple of exteriors that make my heart sing. English cottage? Tudor style? I'm not sure...but I'm in love!

If you are in the market for a new home, these houses are for sale in the University Park/Highland Park area of Dallas. $500,000 plus. I'm sure they would take a check.

Beautiful interior....this kitchen is not part of either house above, but stunning nonetheless. Sorry, I neglected to save the link to this picture...I'll gladly give credit if anyone knows its original location. I'm guessing this is just half of the kitchen (I'm such a good guesser) since the main sink is MIA as is the fridge, etc. Wish I could see the other half before I clean up this drool.

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  1. Awesome curb appeal!!! Hope you have a FUN day!