Thursday, February 4, 2010

Love this bacon!

Not sure why I'm blogging about bacon, but for a southern girl who doesn't like much meat....she gets kind of proud when she finds something in the meat department that she does like. I'm an extra-crispy bacon kind of girl. No floppy, chewy bacon for me. What I love the most about this bacon is that it is microwaveable in its own little bag that catches all the no mess. (I refuse to cook with grease b/c I hate the little splatters that go everywhere). A bit on the pricey side (around $5 for 16 pieces), but the convenience and taste are well worth it.


  1. Hello, I saw your comment on Patina Soul's blog about flea markets. I live in Texas and normally post about upcoming markets/sales/antique shows on my side bar if you are interested you can check them out. I'm with you about crispy bacon, no floppy bacon for me either. Hope you'll stop by, Theresa

  2. I think we might have been seperated at birth. I too am a southern girl who doesn't love much meat, DESPISES bacon grease, and loves a nice crispy slice of bacon every now and then. Amen to the microwavable bacon...and the blogging about it too!