Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Pillow Covers ~ Ballard Designs

S U P E R excited about the sale on pillow covers over at Ballard Designs. Thank you Maria for sending this my way. $4.99 each. Yep. Plus F R E E  monogramming. What a steal! I ordered two 18" pillow covers in white duck cloth with our initials in black, plus one 12x20" pillow cover in the same white with our full last name in black stitching. Three pillow covers, with monogramming, and shipping for only $20! Score.

I believe all they have left are the White and Cream Colored duckcloth. My instinct was to go with Cream but I'm stepping out of the box and going with White (yes, white is stepping out of the box for me in terms of home decor. I own nothing white in that arena).  I'm trying to let go of the dark and move over to some brightness!

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