Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Goodbye Christmas Decor and a few pumpkins, too. (Nah. The pumpkins can stay)

Today is the day that Christmas pretties go back into the attic for another year. What hard work for a few weeks of fun. This may be the first year that I've not waited until New Year's to start tearing it down. Then there was that one year where I left everything up until MLK, Jr. holiday. I'm tired of looking at it for now. Down it must go.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Vinyl Machine Work

I'm lovin' my vinyl machine (the one I H A D to have, yet it sat in the box for 6 months before I got up the nerve to tinker with it). I went with USCutter's MH721. Being that I had already taught myself (slowly) Photoshop Elements, I'm enjoying creating designs there and then importing them into my sign cutter program. Here are a couple of my first cuts...I added a few rhinestones to the green sign for a little extra bling!

Frame Ornaments

I made several of these frame ornaments for gifts this year. Idea was inspired by shanty2chic (my new favorite blog). Super easy and I can't wait to make more for next year.

Frame Ornaments

Frame ornaments inspired by shanty2chic: dollar tree frames, rustoleum painter's touch spray paint, burnt umber glaze, ribbon for hanging, vinyl for dates.